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The national, bilingual iFSN information centre is staffed by food and health professionals. Unique in Canada, the mandate of the centre is to search out credible, evidence-based information on food safety and make it easily accessible to Canadians and the international community. A variety of tools are used to actively engage all members of the farm-to-fork food safety system on food safety issues including:

  • a national, bilingual toll free information line (1-866-503-7638)
  • a comprehensive website containing current, evidence based information, food safety recommendations, fact sheets and the option of e-mailing questions worldwide (
  • background information on current and emerging issues for food and health professionals
  • television, radio and print media interviews

For more than two years, the staff of the iFSN information centre have been fielding questions from Canadians and from others around the world. Officially launched in December 2002, the FSN information centre has responded to thousands of telephone and e-mail inquiries about food safety and food-related issues. Throughout all activities, the emphasis is on the integration of public perceptions of food safety risks into traditional food safety risk analysis and engaging the Canadian and international publics from farm-to-fork in dialogue about the nature of food related risks and benefits.

iFSN information centre staff have expertise in food safety, food science, nursing, agriculture and home economics. Adhering to established protocols for information provision, staff are often complemented on their efforts and dedication, and on the quality of information provided. Questions come from students, educators, consumers, producers, researchers, health professionals and many others. Information centre staff work collaboratively with many other organizations and individuals who provide information on food safety. Information providers in many fields, including food, agri-food, health care and food safety, frequently contact the Information Centre or refer callers.

The International Food Safety Network is also available to conduct confidential fee-for-service contract research, such as:

  • Literature Reviews
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Regulatory Summaries
  • Communication Strategies
  • Foodborne Illness Outbreak Summaries
  • Opinions and advice on complex food safety issues

Staff and graduate students have developed expertise in research and the provision of credible, current, evidence-based food safety information. For information on collaboration or fee-for-service opportunities, please contact Dr. Sarah Wilson at