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The International Food Safety Network is funded by a mix of public, private and foundation sources. All activities and information provided are independent and guided by evidence-based principles.


Marler Clark
Monsanto Canada
CropLife Canada
National Restaurant Association
Dairy Farmers of Canada
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
National Pork Board
Canadian Animal Health Institute
Syngenta Crop Protection Canada
Ontario Farm Animal Council
Casco Inc.
Sholl Group / Green Giant Fresh
Ontario Agri-Food Technologies
American Air Liquide
Feedlot Health Management Services
University of Florida Pesticide Office
Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (Ontario Branch) Inc.
Canadian Cattlemen's Association
National Turkey Federation
International Association for Food Protection
American Dairy Queen Corporation
New Science Management
University of Oklahoma
Oregon State University, Deptartment of Forest Sciences
City of Vernon, CA

Nutrition Action Healthletter, Center for Science in the Public Interest