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The International Food Safety Network has three blogs used for discussion of food safety topics.
Why? The more we know about the public's perception of food safety risks, the better we can do our job. One-in-four Canadians gets food poisoning every year and that's simply too many. Accidents happen, but many outbreaks occur because people all along the farm-to-fork continuum aren't informed.

For instance, what food products are you the most careful with? Most people finger meats as the most common culprit when it comes to foodborne illness, and take the time to cook meat products thoroughly. This in itself should be good news, and it is. But here's a piece of reality pie most people find hard to swallow: outbreaks from fresh produce are far more common than outbreaks from meats.

So visit the blogs, log in, and leave us with some of your food safety questions, comments and concerns, and we'll keep helping keep your food safe: from farm to fork.
Don't read this while you are eating; Tell us the story of the first time you got food poisoning.
Have you ever worked in a restaurant that served less-than hygienic food? Do you lose sleep at night, worried that food you prepared or saw prepared might have made people sick? Confess your food safety sins here.
Here you'll get a chance to discuss current food safety issues with industry professionals. You will also find commentary from various iFSN staff members.