The site is no longer being updated, including the FSnet archives, but remains a vast source of food safety information. For current information, please visit the iFSN successor, bites, at

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Activities of the Food Safety Network

The International Food Safety Network (iFSN) at Kansas State University provides research, commentary, policy evaluation and public information on food safety issues from farm-to-fork. iFSN is a national repository of food safety related information, providing an extensive number of services including consumer and student outreach, information research, on-line resources, collaborative projects, evaluation and analysis, and a capacity to address current and emerging food safety concerns. iFSN presents a unique opportunity to bring together all those associated with agriculture and food, to enhance the safety of the food supply. Activities of iFSN are reported in Monthly and Annual Reports.

iFSN operates under the scientific direction of Dr. Doug Powell. Funding of the iFSN is through a combination of public, private and foundation sources.

FSN offers a unique multi-faceted resource for evidence-based information through:

  • Listserves: iFSN has four listserves that provide current, generalized, public risk perception information about rapidly changing issues that are distributed daily by electronic mail to thousands of individuals from a variety of disciplines around the world. The listserves are FSNet, AgNet, AnimalNet and Functional FoodNet.
  • Information Centre: iFSN offers a comprehensive bilingual information centre that receives questions from across Canada through a toll-free information line (1-866-503-7638) and from around the world via e-mail (
  • Website and database: iFSN's website and database provide extensive references and summary documents and complete searchable archives for the four listserves.
  • Research Projects: iFSN research projects focus on many aspects of the farm-to-fork food safety continuum.
  • On-Farm Food Safety Programs: iFSN has identified, developed, implemented and assessed effective food safety interventions from farm-to-fork, from implementation of on farm food safety programs to risk reduction messages targeted at consumers.
  • Multi-media Techniques: Continuing development of innovative, multi-media techniques to meet the information needs of consumers, public health inspectors, food service employees, retailers, educators, farmers and others.
  • FSN Publications and Outreach: FSN actively engages the North American and international publics in discussions and debate about food safety options, alternatives and efficiencies through published research, press releases, commentary and opinion articles as well as through invited talks, presentations and posters.
  • Educational Initiatives: iFSN has developed food safety curricular materials such as What's for Dinner? Genetic Engineering from the Lab to your Plate, which is a free resource for teachers, and offers classroom visits through the iFSN Sowing the Seeds of Safe Food program.
  • Policy Development: The incorporation of public perceptions and analysis of effectiveness into policy development through survey work and media analysis, without abdicating the leadership role of science.