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Food Safety Network June 2004 Monthly Report

01.jun.04, FSN, FSN

June 2004 Monthly Report Executive Summary


June was the most prolific media appearance month for FSN ever following the
publication of the celebrity chef's paper Spot the Mistake: Television cooking shows
as a source of food safety information in May's Food Protection Trends. Lisa
Mathiasen and Doug participated in over 30 interviews and the paper was
mentioned in 45 publications, on-line journals and broadcast media. Sources
included a front-page article in the National Post, the Globe and Mail, the
Toronto Star, many smaller Canadian papers. Internationally Lisa was
interviewed on National Public Radio in the US, an article appeared in U.K.
Telegraph and a link was posted on the popular website The link was viewed 13,000 times and a comments thread had 56

In the news/information centre:

Biotechnology led all listserv topics, staying steady with May's total of 34 articles.
This was the first time biotechnology had been reported more than BSE since
May 2003. New research was the most reported subtopic with NGO safety
concerns second.

BSE continued to lead the FSnet topics though coverage dropped to just 24
articles from the representative sources. General food safety trade issues related
to protectionism and unsafe imports were reported in 8 articles; some made
reference to BSE, but produce was described as well.

The information centre responded to 82 phone calls, 20 e-mails and 3 questions
received through other means in the month of June. This was a significant
increase in inquiries over May, although still fewer than earlier months in 2004.
The majority of phone calls received in June were from Ontario (52 per cent) and
30 percent of callers phoned from British Columbia.