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Food Safety Network July 2004 Monthly Report

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In July, Justice Roland Haines released a review of meat inspection in Ontario.
Doug participated in the process by sitting on Justice Haines' expert committee
and preparing a paper analyzing the media's role in risk communication
surrounding meat inspection. Many of the FSN's objectives were echoed by
Justice Haines including a farm-to-fork food safety system that is based on risk
and supported by evidence.

In July, the listservs reached 11,553 subscribers, the most since the service began
in 1996. 96 per cent of participants receive the HTML version with just over 460
receiving the text lists.

Website hits for both and also increased
in July.

In the news/information centre:

Animal disease led all listserv topics in July with 46 articles. Reemergence of
avian influenza in Asia drove the coverage, though it was underreported in
Canadian sources. Only 5 articles appeared in representative Canadian

BSE remained the most reported topic in FSnet though and coverage increased
from 24 to 27 articles. Again, Canadian sources underreported the topic as it
appeared in only 5 articles in June.

Biotechnology remained the most reported topic in Agnet; though coverage
dropped to just 18 articles, equaling the FFnet topic of diet. There were 7
inquiries to the information centre about biotechnology, the most in the past 4

There was a 14 per cent increase in the number of inquiries compared to June,
and the most inquiries received in any previous month in 2004.