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Welcome to the new Food Safety Network website

19.sep.05, FSN, FSN

The search engine capability has been expanded to generate better search results. Search our 60,000 articles and news stories.

19.sep.05, FSN, FSN
The Food Safety Network website has been redesigned to improve navigation and make information easier to find. This site is a source and portal for food safety, plant production and biotechnology, animal agriculture and functional foods information.

The website content is organized by audience: students or educators, researchers, food or health professionals and members of the general public. Navigate through each audience section by choosing topics of interest on the left side of the screen. Search for specific topics using the search box on the left side of the page. The search engine capability has been expanded to generate better search results. E-mail the Food Safety Network with comments or questions about navigating through the new Food Safety Network website.

In the decade since we launched our first listserv, the information we continually collect has been stored in numerous databases and made available through different websites. Our updated website brings all of these resources under one virtual ‘roof’, making them more accessible and easier to use.

Information by Audience

Information needs are likely different, depending on whether you are a student, educator, researcher, food or health professional, or a member of the public with an interest in food safety. We’ve grouped the contents of our site to help you find information more easily in a format tailored to your needs. Within each audience, the menu on the left side of the screen allows you to choose information by topic of interest or by document type.

Information by Topic or Type

To better serve you, different topics of interest have been identified for the audiences. Within each selection you’ll find a range of different types of information, all relevant to that topic.

You can choose the type of information you’d like to view – news, articles or links. There is also the opportunity to access our resource centre – a comprehensive database containing citations of thousands of journal articles and other scholarly works about food safety-related issues – and to have a glimpse at the types of questions answered through our information centre (FAQs).

Navigating Through Our New Site

We hope that the new layout of our site will make the navigation through it easy, and will help you find the information that’s of interest to you. But we recognize that the key tool to any website is a good search engine, so we’ve improved ours to help you find specific information quickly.

Another key feature on our new site are the “bread crumbs” that identify the path taken to get to a particular web page. Listed in brackets below the article title, bread crumbs are clickable links – a further tool to help you find the exact information you need.

About Us

The Food Safety Network is not only a network of people, but also a network of activities – all with the objective of improving food safety from farm to fork. Learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting this section of our website.

Getting Involved

Despite our best efforts, we know our new website isn’t perfect. If you have suggestions for improving our website, please contact us.

Food safety is an interactive process, involving all of those in the farm-to-fork food chain. If you are interested in pursuing collaborative projects, individualized services, or financial support the Food Safety Network’s activities, please e-mail our scientific director, Dr. Doug Powell.